You'll never drink Champagne the same again

  • Special occasions deserve spectacular traditions. Pulling out a sword and cracking open a bottle, now there's a move that's got class. It's drinking Champagne, the French way.


    Champagne sabrage is the rather glorious art that goes back more than a century. Legend has it that Napoléon's cavalry used the trick for celebratory bubbles on the go, in the days of the French Revolution. Decadent n'est-ce pas?


    Corks fly, Champagne bubbles over, crowd cheers and glasses clink. Once you witness this spectacle, merely popping Champagne will forever feel mundane. Join the merry-makers and celebrators of Champagne and discover the art of sabrage, only at Champagne Bar.


    Have your bottle of Champagne sabred for an additional $25 with our compliments for Champagnes over $299. Receive your sabraged cork, safely contained, as a memento of your experience.


    1. How is champagne cut open?

    Au contraire, sabrage is not actually about cutting glass off. One simply leverages the pressure inside the champagne bottle to pop the top of the glass off, with minimal force. It is also essential that the bottle is very cold, making the glass more brittle, facilitating one clean cut. For this reason it will take 10-20 minutes from ordering your sabrage for our team to properly chill the bottle.


    2. Can you sabrage with other bottles?

    You can only sabrage with champagne. The process relies on high levels of pressure inside the bottle which is only found in champagne. Not even sparkling wine. Besides, it is far more stylish to sabrage with champagne.


    3. Is it safe?

    Of course! Our team are expertly trained and take extra precautions to give you the best sabrage experience. Just please do not stand too close to the sword.


    4. Can you drink it once sabraged?

    Why on earth would you not drink it? Yes! We do not waster champagne at Champagne Bar.


    5. Can I sabrage?

    Unfortunately no. We place your safety first at Champagne Bar. While sabrage is a completely safe process, it can create a risk if it is performed incorrectly. For this reason we only allow trained staff members to perform sabrage for you.


    6. Can I try this at home?

    Depends. If you have been trained and are comfortable with the technique you can theoretically perform sabrage with a heavy object such as a kitchen knife. However, if you have not been taught, do not try this at home.


    7. Can I be taught?

    Maybe. We are preparing a sabrage training course designed to teach groups the art and of course taste the fruits of your labour. This will be ideal for bucs or hens nights or even a fun night out with friends. We are putting the finishing touches to make our sabrage course a fun and safe experience, but if you would like to register your interest, we will make sure you are the first to know.

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